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When the Barber family first saw this idea of doing your own work on your car, but renting the tools and space to do it, they were intrigued.  While this concept has been around for years in the military with "hobby shops", it has slowly been adopted in the private sector.  No, we didn't come up with the idea, but are simply bringing it to you.

Our flagship location located just off of I-10, Exit 13, in Theodore, Alabama, holds 8 bays available for you to rent Wednesday-Sunday.  We have four 10,000lb lifts and four flat bays, all equipped with a mechanic's standard set of tools.  Need a specialty tool?  Check it out from our tool crib.  We should have everything you need to do the work.  If we don't, suggest it.  

Our goal is to provide a safe, clean, affordable place for you to either save some money while doing the work yourself OR do what you love.  

Vintage Car
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